Pupils practice discipline through yoga

This beneficial project is conducted by Anithra Jadoo, an experienced yoga teacher from the Alternative Health Centre and Peace Foundation.

Vicious attack on Parlock Primary pupil

An unconfirmed source told the Rising Sun that this is not the first time the alleged perpetrator was involved in violence in school.

Dance competition promotes talent and unity

NeDFest chairman, Mr P Naipal, said the aim of this event was to bring together the various cultures of South Africa and to protect and preserve our heritage.

Rosehill pupils take on Maths Conquesta

The principal together with the staff of the Newlands East-based school congratulated the pupils and wished them well in future endeavours.

All systems go for class of 2017

School principal, Dr SH Omar, said the matric examinations are a culmination of the year’s hard work.

The school’s budget

Once the budget is constituted, in draft, the members present it to their constituencies for further feedback and inputs. Explanations are offered for the various proposed income and expenditure. Thereafter, these inputs are tabled at a full sitting of the SGB.