A school’s code of conduct

The code of conduct of a school contains the anticipated behaviour patterns expected of pupils, the dress code of the school, the sanctions imposed on pupils who transgress the code of conduct, and the procedure for dealing with delinquent pupils.

SAAAC offers bursaries to students

The bursaries are towards pursuing a National Certificate in Small Business Financial Management which is on NQF 4, SAQA ID 48736 and is 120 credits.

Jungle gym of fun

The principal, staff, governing body and pupils were elated with the new jungle gym and thanked the club.

DHS pupils attend Boys to Men Conference

Professional talks were done by industry experts in their respective fields including that of business, entrepreneurship, sport and health.

Matrics: Time for laser focus as final stretch looms

Having a study roster is one thing. Sticking to it is another. The pomodoro (tomato timer) technique is a fantastic and very empowering tool to get things done in a hyper-focused way, and can feel almost like a game.