Young rapper wants to educate people through music

Inga Shone also known as Ma Ino poses for the camera at Kwa Majazi stop in Entsimbini in Cato Manor.

They say dynamite comes in small packages. This certainly holds true for 14-year-old rapper Inga Shone or more popularly known as ‘Ma Ino’ of eNtsimbini in Cato Manor.

He believes that his music is not just for entertainment, it’s about educating people.  The dynamic youngster said, “I believe in doing music that has an impact on people.” Ma Ino started recording eKasi rap last year and his hit song ‘Nghlala Emkhumbane’ has become a popular track in Cato Manor.  

He then went on to write more catchy songs such as ‘Sfuna lo cash’ and ‘Sbangena ngekani.’ “Last year, I realised that I can rap. I wrote a song and put money together to record my first track. I now want to do a mixtape but I find it hard because recording is expensive and I do not have any source of income,” Ma Ino said.

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He said that he would rather listen to hip-hop than house music, which is popular among his peers in the township.   “I don’t listen to house music because it does not send out a constructive message as artists often sing about alcohol and partying,” he said.

One of his songs titled ‘Ngyabonga Mama’ speaks about the struggles that he and his mother go through on a daily basis. The aspiring rapper said that he decided to write the song to show appreciation to his mother for everything she has done for him.

“My mom does not work. She sells items on the street to put bread on the table for my little sister and I.  This song pays tribute to her,” he added.  Music producer, Skhumbuzo Ncengwa, also known as MYV, said that Ma Ino is one of the most talented artists that records at Amancengwa Records.

He said what stands out about the talented teenager is that he competes with old rappers and carries himself with confidence even though he is young. Ma Ino said that what he does not like about hip-hop is that it is dominated by people who smoke.  “I choose my friends very well because I do not want to end up with the wrong crowd and smokers,” he said. He added that he spends most of his time at home with his younger sister either watching TV or writing lyrics.


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