VIDEO: Success and nothing less for former Durban singer

After losing her mother to cancer just three months following the diagnosis, an up and coming singer with a golden voice, lost interest in music and no longer wanted to fulfil her musical dream that she had once been so passionate about.

However, Tilisha Govender knew that she could not let this define her career and wanted to make her mother even prouder of her and so she chose to start an amateur YouTube channel, where she shared her love for music. That was the start of something great for the talented individual who is now part of reputable record label, SA Local Content.

Today, the 33-year-old’s love and passion for singing has returned and earned her much success. In an interview with the former Durban resident, she shared her musical journey with journalists.

“I come from a family that absolutely loves music. Growing up, there was always music and singing at our family gatherings. My grandfather, Moon, played the double bass at the Odeon Orchestra back in the day. I think it is safe to say that we all inherited our musical abilities from him. When I was seven, I asked my parents to purchase a guitar for me and despite not having much money, they fulfilled my wish,” she said.

According to ‘Tilisha G’, her mother was always her biggest fan and encouraged her to always follow her dreams. “She took me to audition for Idols when I was 19. Although I never got to see the TV judges, she kept telling me to never give up. When I was 13-years-old, I wrote two songs and she was the only one I played them for. She was so proud of me and took me to record a demo at the Highway Radio studio. I still have the tape and it’s quite embarrassing,” she chuckled.

Some of the artists who inspired the insights strategist over the years are Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, The Bee Gees, Tupac, The Backstreet Boys, The Spice Girls and Aaliyah among many others.

She enjoys the rhythm guitar and is also currently teaching herself to play the harmonica, proving that there is no end to knowledge. “Being part of my school choir, church choir and youth band also helped deepen my love for music,” she added.

When asked what it’s like being part of SA Local Content, she said that the experience has been amazing. “They have displayed belief in me and my ability even when I doubted myself. SA Local Content is really passionate about developing talent in SA and I am very excited to be working with them. At the moment, we are doing lots of promos for a collaborative album, ‘A Place in Time’. In addition to this, I am also very excited to be in discussions with SA Local Content regarding a solo album. I have achieved my dream and it’s such a special feeling,” she proudly said.

According to the former Thomas More College pupil, music can take one on a journey around the world and is the language of the human spirit. Her advice to aspiring artists is to fill their life with an active pursuit of the things they love to do.

“Anything is possible. Using social media to showcase your talent is always rather helpful. Show the world who you are and what you have within you. Most importantly, always stay humble,” the bubbly woman concluded. To keep up with Tilisha G and various other artists and to also view local music videos, like the SA Local Content SA Facebook page.

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Posted by SA Local Content on Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Elaine Naidoo
Digital editor

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