Quality of packaging needs to be investigated

A comparative study needs to be conducted on the quality of packaging used. I tried to open a can of beans the other day and to my culinary horror, the tin can virtually squashed together and I was unable to get the lid off, cutting my finger in the process.

This is a direct result of a cheaper quality metal being used. Packing costs are an integral part of the landed cost of the finished product but these savings are not passed on to the consumer? It also calls for further analysis whether the preserved contents of these cans which often has sulphur and acid additives can be affected.

Consumers are being compromised for quality packaging to increase manufacturer’s profits. Chocolates and crisps were primary candidates but with little or no adjustment on the pricing. We just have to pray the same strength reducing trick is not experimented with egg trays because we will have a lot of broken eggs.

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If this trend has not moved to margarine and ice cream tubs and milk cartons as yet, it soon will. This will also have a domino effect on waste recycling because of the lesser weight. With a drop in petrol prices and sub-standard packaging trends, surely there should be price drops for consumers. This needs to be investigated.

Kevin Govender


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