Dukhi’s family suspect foul play

72 –year-old mother of the deceased Sanjay Dukhi, Anuradha Dukhi holds a picture of her only son who was found hanging in a lodge in Pinetown.

The distraught family of 38-year-old Sanjay Dukhi who was found hanged in a room at a lodge in Pinetown last week suspect foul play behind his death. The death of Dukhi who checked into a room on May 29 under the alias Avish, has led his family members to believe there is something much deeper to his death other than a suicide.

A six-page suicide note was found detailing Dukhi’s last moments and how much he loved his family and how his heart had allegedly had been broken. Anuradha Dukhi, the 72-year-old mother of the deceased, said that she would have never expected her son to do such a thing as he lived for his daughter, Aria.

“My son was a good father who always spoke to everyone about his little girl.  He was always there for Aria so how he could do this is beyond me,” said Dukhi’s mother.

In happier times: Sanjay Dukhi with his wife, Avita, and daughter, Aria.

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Dukhi’s elder sister, Reshmee Cobb, said, “The night before my brother went missing, he had sent me an SMS asking me to lend him R4, 000 as he was in desperate need of money.  I did not lend it to him as I had just moved into a new house and had already spent a lot of money.  After that SMS, I never heard from my brother again,” said Cobb.

She added, “My brother’s body was found hanged in a closet with a tie.  The cupboard was too short for my brother to hang himself on a rail. I feel there is much more to my younger brother’s death and we will not be at ease until all our questions are answered.”

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Police spokesman, Cpt Nqobile Gwala, said, “The case of Duhki’s death is still under investigation and we are still awaiting post-mortem results.  At this stage, we cannot comment further on any progress on the case.”

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