Fathers join the fight against bullying

Pupils of Umbilo Secondary at the anti-bullying campaign.

An anti-bulling campaign was launched by the Fathers Who Care at Umbilo Secondary School, last Thursday. The inaugural event was created as a platform for pupils to speak out against  bullying.

“The community is plagued by pupils being bullied by non-scholars. Some are forced to even sell narcotics for people. Besides this, they also fight peer pressure from friends.  Many pupils today tend to act out and it is affecting their grades as well. They become disruptive in class and some students even bully teachers,” said Jerome Duanekay, a life coach at the organisation.

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The campaign is aimed at breaking down the walls of silence and helping pupils to speak up against this form of abuse. “The campaign will not end with Umbilo Secondary as we want to take it to schools all over Durban,” said Duanekay.

Schools which want to introduce the campaign to their pupils, can contact Jerome Duanekey on 062-075-5154 or Joseph Shaw on 079-580-2614.


Janine Ephraim

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