Sydenham activists and youth clean up park

Some of the activists and youth who were involved in the clean up campaign.

Local based civic organisations banded together to clean up their local park on Saturday. Activists from the Sydenham Community Association (SCA), Children Have a Dream (CHAD), Suburbs-DBN and Generation Changers joined together to clean up the local George-Hill park.  The aim of the clean up was to create club visibility and promote clean public spaces.

Three Bechet pupils, two of whom were also part of the Department of Sports and Recreation’s Trailblazers programme, also offered their assistance to the project. Club members were upbeat as they cleared both man made and garden refuse from the park, with some local residents applauding or offering assistance in cleaning up.

Gavin Jood, SCA chairman, said that many onlookers took an interest in the activity, with some stopping and offering assistance to the organisation through free services and other forms of donation.

Local councillor, Christopher Pappas, remarked at how proud he was with local bodies reclaiming their spaces, pledging to have all dirt collected and removed by the municipality by Monday. The SCA is now embarking on a number of projects for the year, some of which include a community dialogue, golf-day fundraiser in May, Youth retreat (early July) and youth conference (Mid-July). 2017 has been declared the year of youth by the group. Members like Sheldon Francis of CHAD, are excited to be part of a reinvigorated civic society in the area.

New executives sworn in for the year include more young people and adults, aimed at invigorating the group’s activities and responsiveness to concerns in the area. More practical exercises will be taking place in future and the club hopes to inspire more local citizens in getting active.

Francis said he was pleased at the active work undertaken by the clubs as meetings and resolutions in formal settings are ‘removed from actual work that needs to be done.’ Food and beverages were made available for those who participated. More activities and events have been planned by the club, as some have already campaigned for, and spoken to donors for funding.  For further information on SCA activities and membership options, contact Gavin Jood, chairman, on [email protected] or Jonathan Brady, secretary general, on [email protected]

Camara Moodley
Sub Editor

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