100 percent pass rate for Ridge Park’s class of 2016

Two of the school’s best perfomers, Timika Bhairoparsad and Azra Ismail. Photo by: Sunny Veeraragulu

One of the provinces best performing schools, Ridge Park College, once again obtained a 100 percent matric pass rate for second year in a row.

All 172 matriculants passed with flying colours. Out of the 172, 138 pupils achieved a bachelor’s pass. One of the school’s top performers, Azra Ismail, 18, said her secret ingredient to achieving excellent results is to work consistently, independently and enjoy learning.

Her advice to the class of 2017 is to work smart and try to understand your work, not just memorise it. School spokesman, Koobeshen Naidoo said there is actually no secret to the excellent results. The results are based on the hard work by all the parties interested in the welfare of the learners.

“This starts with the parents, teachers, governing body and management of the school. The NSC results are based on the high level of work from the minute a pupil enters this institution and is based largely on the holistic education of the young pupil,” he said.

Naidoo added that pupils are being prepared for this examination from day one in grade eight. “Teachers are always available to assist pupils during breaks and after school. Our learners are consistently involved in enrichment programmes and co-curricular activities to ensure that the standard of our education is maintained. By the time the learners reach Grade 12 there is an understanding and a commitment to achieve their best,” said Naidoo. He concluded by saying that staff and management are really proud of the pupils’ achievements.

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