10 useful tips to reduce house break-ins

Tips to reduce house break-ins

*If you purchased new expensive appliances, do not leave the packaging visible to the public.

*Do not panic when you realize your house has been broken into. Do not enter but call the police immediately and do not touch anything as finger prints need to be lifted.

*Mark your items so that it will be easily identifiable when recovered by police.

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*Have a wi-fi smart alarm system installed so that you will be notified anywhere if someone is in your property and you can also view the crime and contact police with perpetrators description. Ensure your wifi smart alarm system is compatible to other devices you might have to upgrade to in the future when the need arises. Ensure all access points are burglar guarded.

*Do not leave your firearm at home if you are away as in many cases suspects flee with the safe and firearm in it. Confirm with your insurance company if the size of your safe is adequate for your valuables that you declared.

* Inform your neighbours or family to look after your place when you’re out, tell your neighbour to leave a bin bag of dirt on your usual spot on bin days if you are away.

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*Do not mention where you are on social media.

*Create a chat group together with a neighbourhood watch and get everyone involved. Link up the chat group with other neighbouring watch groups as well. Screen everyone who is involved in your neighbourhood watch as well.

*Report any suspicious person or vehicle to the police and your neighbourhood chat group for awareness.

*Making a false claim or statement of house breaking is perjury and is punishable by law.

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