Health catastrophe- claim residents


A Clare Estate family is infuriated after what used to be a netball field for SM Jhavary Primary School pupils has been recently turned into a recycling and dump site.

Manikamal Govender, 67, who has lived in Cuppamma Road for over six decades, said her family battles to sleep at night as workers from the recycling site burn plastic and other waste materials on the property, which they believe poses a serious health risk to them.

The Govender family said that they were not consulted in the decision to turn the field into a recycling site. “There are terrible odours that come from the site which is next door to their property. My husband’s health seems to be getting worst as he is cancer patient. The toxic smells are a health hazard to him and my family. The land has been turned into an industrial site and we are completely against that.”

Manikamal’s husband, Shunmugam, 77, said, “I am a cancer patient and my health is my priority. The smell from the site is awful. The workers burn fires at night and we cannot sleep in peace due to the noise.” Her daughter, Cheryl, 30, said her two young children battle to sleep at night as there is always a disturbing noise coming from the site.

“We cannot live like this. I cannot even let my children play outside anymore because the place stinks. It is unhygienic as the place is always a big mess. When we questioned the school principal about why he had turned the netball field into a recycling site, he informed us that the school needed money and that they are leasing the land to the company to raise funds for the school.”

Neighbour, Ugan Govender said, “This is very disappointing. The school should have consulted residents before renting out the land. What is even more disappointing is the fact that the male workers from the recycling site use the same toilets as the school pupils which places them at risk. The site is always noisy and theres always trucks, off-loading dirt on the land which makes the our beautiful neighbourhood look filthy.”

The Rising Sun contacted the school’s principal, Mr Dlamini, for comment, however he was unavailable at the time of going to press.

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