Local sport

Futsal takes its rightful place

Sports co-ordinator, Lewis Donnely, was so impressed with the benefits of Futsal that he spearheaded a Futsal tournament at the Westville Boys High School on Youth Day (June 16). The tournament was an overwhelming success.

Netball league kicks off

The 10 team league got off to a fantastic start. The game attracted a lot of local support and the music provided gave it a carnival atmosphere. All teams played two matches.

Support Chloe’s swimming dream

The 10-year-old belongs to Seagulls Swimming Club and head coach, Debbie McLeod, said the High-Performance Swim meet is an incredible opportunity for aspiring young swimmers to gain valuable international experience for their swimming career.

Team India takes on Ultimate Human Race

This year, a group of 120 determined and fit runners from India participated in the Ultimate Human Race, making it a massive achievement for their country.