The disgruntled residents who blocked off the busy main road last week.

Residents protest against councillor’s apathy

A number of residents blockaded Musa Dladla Drive, formerly known as Newlands East Drive, and Duckbill Road last Wednesday, during a protest action to get the councillor to address their grievances.
Security officers keeping a tight watch in the area.

Bonela land invasion

Last week, residents became concerned when they started noticing that certain areas were being demarcated with plastic bottles and land was being cleared to build shacks.

Residents urged to report electricity faults

This has affected municipal service operations, especially electricity distribution. Since the rainstorm earlier this week, the number of electricity related faults reported notched up into the thousands.
Dumping at Durban beaches has become a major issue and residents are urged to refrain from this illegal act.

Committee formed to keep beaches clean

A committee was recently formed with the relevant departments to create measures to stop waste from being washed into rivers and ultimately into the sea.
Medical waste and other items were dumped along the beaches.

Dumping at Durban beaches addressed

According to the eThekwini Municipality, once those who are responsible for dumping are found, severe action will be taken against them.